Monday, February 04, 2008

Vettec Launches Sole-Guard for Barefoot Horses at Cincinnati Conference

Start to finish application of the new Sole-Guard material.

Sole support and hoof protection ramped off in a new direction today at the International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hoof repair specialist manufacturer Vettec Inc. added to its family of hoof repair and sole support products with an adhesive sole support product that is designed to alleviate foot soreness in newly-barefoot horses,or in other sore situations where shoes can't be used, and will stay in place for up to three weeks, according to Vettec vice-president/general manager Frank Rovelli.

"Sole-Guard™ is the first product of its kind to offer fast and effective protection and support for the unshod foot," Rovelli told Hoofcare and Lameness today at our booth in the trade show. "(The hoofcare professsional) simply fills the bottom of the foot with Sole-Guard, creating a protective coating that bonds to the foot for three weeks (in most weather/environmental conditions)."

"Sole-Guard sets firm to protect the unshod foot, but retains flexibility to move naturally with the foot, providing comfort and support," he continued. "Sole-Guard provides complete protection and support in one easy application."

He did mention that an application "gun" is needed and that is should be applied by professionals experienced with its use.

Photos of the new product will be added to this post. He also mentioned that the price point will be about $30 per tube and that should do four feet. This seems like a great application for barefoot broodmares and newly-shoeless-but-ouchy horses.


Jessica said...

This is an exciting new product, is there a web site for it?

Fran Jurga said...

Hello, Jessica,
You can just click on the colored type in the post, that's a link to the Vettec web site. Or you can type "" into your browser window. Sole-Guard is featured on the front page of the Vettec home site. I watched farrier Ada Gates learning how to apply it yesterday, and it looks like a very interesting product. I hope people will check it (and all the other new products coming on the market) out!

Mrs. Mom said...

Hi Fran- I'd love to test it out on a variety of horses. It's great to hear that a product like this is now available!

As always, thanks for the news!

Have a great day out there-
Shannon AKA Mrs Mom

Anonymous said...

I was wondering - can I get this stuff in Western Australia, Perth? If so, where? I've asked around a few places, but can't seem to find anyone who stocks it!

Other Q - how does it come off? Just chip away over the 3 weeks, or can you removed it (entirely) yourself?

I have a mare who lives on rocky terrain - will this help her?

Fran Jurga said...


Yes, I believe you can obtain Sole Guard in Australia, but I am not sure about the exact source in the Perth area. Vettec makes Sole Guard, and I would think that their products would be in use at the racetracks in the Perth area.

Vettec products are sold in Australia by O'Dwyer Horseshoes, a large company in the Melbourne area that supplies it to farrier stockists all over Australia.

Here is their information:
O'Dwyer Horseshoes
P.O. Box 1
Australia 3764
Phone: +61 (0)3 5782 1313
Fax: +61 (0)3 5782 2399

If you have any problems finding the product, please contact me and I will try to help from here.

Fran Jurga