Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farrier News: AFA Convention Elections, Awards, Contest Results

28 February 2010 | Fran Jurga's Hoof Blog at

The 39th American Farrier's Association Convention was held in Portland, Oregon. This image is another classic from the creative eyes and hands of British farrier Gary Huston.

The sun has set on the 39th convention of the American Farrier's Association Convention, held this week in Portland, Oregon. The combination of a lovely, friendly, snowless and warm (by 2010 east coast standards) city with a shiny new convention center and transport system made the convention easy to navigate and enjoy.

As usual, farriers came most of the 50 states and seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Having the convention in the northwestern corner of the USA brings a chance to renew acquaintances with old friends and subscribers from that region, as well as western Canada and even intrepid travelers from Alaska and Hawaii.

Many thanks to everyone who commented on their addiction to this blog!

More coverage from the education and commerce sides of the convention will follow, but here are some bulletins from the final day of the convention. I was flying home but New York's Steve Kraus took some notes. These are just notes and should not be considered official. The AFA will publish the official record of the convention and all the elections, awards, and contests in their magazine.

But in the meantime, the winners are deserving of some congratulations and the curious minds at home may want to know who won what.

Elections: AFA vice president: Buck McClendon. Steve couldn't remember all the Board of Director elections results except that he was re-elected to represent the northeastern USA. He did recall that Margie Lee-Gustafson was elected to the Board to represent the California region.

AFA Achievement Awards: Jim Linzy Award-Chris Gregory; Educator Award-Dusty Franklin; Edward Martin Award-Margie Lee-Gustafson; Journalism Award-Danvers Child; Walt Taylor Award-Doug Workma.

AFA Competition: Delta Specialty Forging-Gene Leiser (USA); Journeyman-Billy Crothers (United Kingdom); NACC-Billy Crothers (United Kingdom); National High Point-Gene Leiser (USA); Two-Person Draft Horse Shoes - Gene Leiser and Alan Karson (USA); Vern Hornquist Class-Mike Miller (USA); Overall High Point-Stephen Beane (England).

2010 American Farriers Team will be Mike Augustine, Ben Mangen, Dusty Franklin, and Brian Osbourne, with Bob Slansky as alternate.

Again, please wait for the American Farrier's Association's official results as things do sometimes change. These results are very unofficial, as is the spelling and order of listing.

Many thanks to the AFA for a wonderful week in a wonderful city!

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