Thursday, May 12, 2005

Jumper Circuit Farriers Endorse Sore No More's "Sauce"

International Farrier Service farriers Joe and Sandy Johnson of Wellington, Florida went on record recently, providing a testimonial to Equilite about their experience with what farriers call "herbal sugardine", also known as "The Sauce", made with Sore No More liniment as a base. The Johnsons were in good company; at the same time, Sore No More was endorsed by Kentucky Derby winner Giacomo. "The Sauce" was developed by racetrack farriers at Belmont Park in New York who asked Equilite to start bottling it for them.

Giacomo Gets a Sore No More Rub-Down for the Roses

Congratulations to Kentucky Derby winner Giacomo and all his connections. Happily, this year's Derby champion counted one of our advertisers among his seems his trainers use Sore No More, the arnica-based herbal liniment that seems to pop up everywhere we go on the racing and show circuits. Great news for our pal, Stacey Small, who developed Sore No More and owns Equilite, the parent company.

What about his feet? We hear that he was wearing Thoro'Bred race plates--can anyone out there confirm this?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Alternative Farrier Schools Ready to Open in USA

So, you want to be a farrier! Great, but could you summarize your philosophical view of hoofcare for me before I recommend a school?

Matching potential farriers to farrier schools became a lot harder--or maybe easier--recently when two new schools announcedp plans to open this summer.

The Academy of Hoof Technology in Lexington, Kentucky will be a branch of a successful school already operating in Germany. Run by Alexander Wurthmann, the school teaches "alternative" farriery, and advocates barefoot trimming, plastic shoes, and hoof boots.

Meanwhile, in Plymouth, New Hampshire, the Bridge Gap Farrier School will be launched at a facility that will include a "founder farm" recovery center for laminitic horses. The school also will run seminars for horse owners. Robert Bowker, VMD, PhD and foam-support enthusiast Tommy Lee Osha will be part of the instruction team.

We hope to have more information about both schools' actual offerings soon.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hoofcare & Lameness Named Finalist for AHP Award

Hoofcare & Lameness is honored to learn that our journal is a finalist for an award from the American Horse Publications. Publisher Fran Jurga will be on hand for the festivities in Seattle, Washington on June 11. We have no idea what the award is; last year, Hoofcare & Lameness was honored for front cover design and photography. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

2005 Grand National: Video of Entire Race on Web

Hoofblog: Hoofcare & Lameness Journal

How fit and athletic can a horse be?

Or, some people ask, why would you do this to a horse?

If you can spare about ten minutes, visit the BBC web site and watch a video of the entire 2005 Grand National from Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England. Then make up your own mind.

I have to admit that I had never watched it from start to finish before. I had only seen highlights and to watch it in its entirety is mindboggling. They just keep running! The world's most famous steeplechase is over three miles and takes about nine minutes.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Interesting new radiograph/photo technique from Metron Software

John Craig Metron software
Metron's "rad in photo" technique displays a radiograph of a horse's distal limb superimposed on a photograph of the same limb and foot.

This photo was sent to us by our friend John Craig at Metron Software in California.

It illustrates a new capability of their PX 3.0 software.

The system automatically composites the lateral radiograph with the corresponding lateral photograph so that you can see the bones 'within' the hoof capsule. It's really interesting to see this and to show to other to help understand where P3 lies within the hoof, assuming that the photo and radiograph were dead-on accurate. Great for educational use.