Thursday, September 16, 2004

P3: Doug Butler's New "Principles of Horseshoeing" textbook edition

P3 Principles of Horseshoeing new edition Butler

This weekend, Hoofcare had a booth at the Southern New England Farriers Association's fall clinic in Connecticut, where I ran into Dr Doug Butler. He has completed a revision and re-design of his textbook, the third incarnation of PRINCIPLES OF HORSESHOEING, nickname "P3". His son, Jacob, is listed as co-author, which is nice.

The book is handsome and heavy and full of photos. It is a major revision of "P2", which has become the standard textbook used in horseshoeing schools around the world and as a reference by farriers.

We hope to work with the Butlers and market this book through Hoofcare & Lameness. Check with Hoofcare in October or November to see if this happened.