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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Farrier Politics: SNEFA Officers Resign; SNEFA Officers Re-Group

Connecticut farrier Geoff Goodson has resigned as president of the Southern New England Farriers Association, along with vice-president Roy Amaral and certification chair Michael Windsor. Sean McClure is now president, John Blombach is vice-president.

The three officers resigned at the June 1 association meeting, and Geoff called the Hoofcare & Lameness office on 2 June to let us know.

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John Blombach said...

The AFA dropped the ball and pulled out of the Equine Affaire Competition. We were never going to have our clinic there.

The contest was to be held in the parking lot on the Thursday and Friday only.

Those vendors participating in Equine Affaire had to set up both inside with Equine Affaire and in the parking lot in the tent and pay for both or lose their spot at Equine Affaire the following year. Was sounding less and less like the great idea we had envisioned originally.

Because of lack of venue and our President (Geoff) resigning at the last minute, SNEFA will not be hosting a Fall Clinic and Contest this year.

Fran, did Geoff give a reason why the three resigned? We were very disappointed in them for resigning their posts, especially the timing. No real specific reasons were given, just a vague "if he goes, I go".

You make it sound like one is an activist with your statement of "openly questioning policies and practices of the AFA". As a chapter isn't that our responsibility, our duty - after all the AFA represent us, the American Farrier.

John Blombach