Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What's up with farriers and vets in the UK?

A change is afoot. The first clue was when it was announced that our friend Simon Curtis FWCF Assoc.RCVS, would take over as chairman of the Farriers Registration Council. Simon will not be the Registrar, as had been rumored; Miles Williamson-Noble will remain in that position, which is the chief administrator's role.

The bombshell came with a quote in this week's Horse & Hound from British Equine Veterinary Association President Chris Rea. In commenting on the statuatory review of the veterinary sugeons act in the UK, Rea told H&H: "The review of the Veterinary Surgeons Act....will include the regulation of para-professionals- every one from physios and equine dentists to MAYBE farriers". [Horse and Hound, 28th Dec 05].

This is not a power-grabbing move by the veterinarians, however. In actuality, it has been proposed that the veterinarians will lose power, since one of the proposals is that they will no longer be self-governing but will have to answer to a board of non-veterinarians. The new board might be an umbrella over the vets and animal husbandry para-professionals.

We live in interesting times; no matter where you go, changes are being discussed.