Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oklahoma Clinic for Farriers with Michael Wildenstein

Farriers in the Midwest are in for a treat. Details below desribe an upcoming seminar with Hoofcare & Lameness consulting editor Michael Wildenstein at Oklahaoma State Horseshoeing School. With any luck, I will see you there!

Date: March 25, 2006
Time: 9 a.m. til ???
Presented by Oklahoma Farrier Supply and Grand Circult Products
Clinician: Michael Wildenstein CJF, FWCF (Hons), Resident Farrier at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Cost: Free!!!
Location: Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School, 4802 Dogwood Rd., Ardmore, OK 73401
Contact: Regan or Kathy Kester 1 800 634 2811; 580 223 0064 or email oshs@cableone.net
Extras: Free lunch! 5% discount on farrier supplies that day; eligible for AFA CE credits
Recommended hotel: Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn, Ardmore
Nearest airports: Oklahoma City or Dallas-Fort Worth

Photo shows Mike Wildenstein at a clinic on heavy horse shoeing at Tufts Vet School in 2004. He's sitting on the horse's right hock while he works on the left hoof! Photo by Taylor Keenan. (thanks!)