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Sunday, July 09, 2006

More info from AAEP on foot-related presentations

Scroll down in this blog for lecture topics on the foot at the upcoming AAEP 2006 Convention in San Antonio, Texas in December, which will feature a farriers-only seminar.

Meanwhile, Dr. Steve O'Grady has updated the speaker/topic list with info on the "table topics"; these are 90-minute lunchtime discussions.

Barefoot vs. shod, Dan Marks and Steve O'Grady
Foot lameness, Kent Carter and Tracy Turner
Hoof wall cracks and defect repair techniques, Bill Moyer and Rob Sigafoos
Therapeutic shoeing, Scott Morrison and Steve O'Grady
Managing acute and chronic laminitis, Rustin Moore and Andy Parks

Save me a seat! (That's sort of a joke, since the table topics are usually "Standing Room Only", and I am sure that will be the case this year.) I am intrigued by the choice of USET jumper vet (and former jumper rider) Dr. Danny Marks for the barefoot topic. He is an astute observerer of the horse and functional biomechanics and should have something interesting to say. He's never let me down...

For more about the convention, please visit for foot-related news, or go directly to the AAEP site, where registration information should be available soon.

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