Friday, November 03, 2006

AAEP Update from Dr. Steve O'Grady

Here's some additional information from Dr. Steve O'Grady, who has been organizing the farrier conference at the upcoming AAEP Convention in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. O'Grady writes:

"The foot topics will kick off on Sunday afternoon December 3, 2006 with 3 X one and one half hour table topics. These are sessions on a given topic with two facilitators where a discussion is generated among the attendes.

"I will facilitate one on barefoot versus shod with Dr Dan Marks. This is a very controversial subject which will no doubt stimulate debate especially with farriers present.

"Two well veterinarians, Kent Carter and Tracy Turner will direct a session on foot lameness which always turns out to be a learning experience.

"Finally, Bill Moyer and well known farrier Rob Sigafoos will man a session on the management of various hoof wall defects. These two practitioners have a world of experience on crack repair.

"I will post highlights of the upcoming convention periodically in the near future. It should be a great experience for all."

--Steve O'Grady