Friday, December 08, 2006

Good-bye to the farrier/senator

Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island will go back to being former-farrier Lincoln Chafee this week, as he packs up his office on Capitol Hill. Linc was defeated in his run for re-election in November, despite his moderate, bi-partisan votes on key issues that made him more of a Republicrat than a Republican. Still it wasn't enough for the voters in Rhode Island. He'll have more time for his horses now, and maybe he can help the horse industry a bit with his Washington connections.

Here's an article from the Providence (RI) Journal, which mentions him packing up his farrier mementos from his office, which we know included his framed IUJH racetrack farrier license:

Chafee packs up, moves on (December 8, 2006)

It was great to have you there, Linc. Time to forge ahead, Senator!