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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

American Farrier's Association Election Nominees Announced

The following information is second-hand from the American Farrier's Association web site and I am printing it as is, typos and mistakes included, since this is an official document. (But trust me, Bruce Daniels has not moved to New Hampshire.)

Commentary: the two top offices of the AFA are unopposed unless someone decides to mount a write-in campaign. A total of 31 people stepped forward to serve on the AFA's new regional board of directors. I think that there will be three elected from each region. Region 3 (midwest and Ohio) has the most candidates with nine.

Twenty out of 31 (65%) of the Board nominees are certified to the journeyman level in the AFA. Only three hold no certification level at all.

One person, Rick Burten, is a candidate for both Treasurer and The Board.

Six states had two candidates each: Massachusetts, New York, Tennessee, Indiana, Oklahoma, and California.

Two former AFA presidents are on the list: Bruce Daniels and Walt Taylor.

Biggest surprise: former certification czar Dennis Manning is a candidate for the board.

Of interest (but I don't think this means anything): Toolmaker Roy Bloom, FPD clinician Dave Farley, Mustad consultant Steve Kraus, AFA magazine editor Danvers Child, and GE Tools tech expert Dan Bradley would bridge over to the industry-side of the AFA if elected. In fact, if all five are elected, they would make up one third of the board.

Of great interest: Stan Davis is running against Steve Davis in District 4. That might confuse some people!

Perhaps of no consequence: no one from Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Colorado, Montana or Washington is a candidate for the Board. These states were traditionally strongholds for the AFA. Times do change.

Here are the nominees:

President Elect Nominee: Dick Fanguy, CJF, #2146 (Standing VP)

Vice President Nominee: Eric Nygaard, CJF, #1227

Treasurer Nominees: John Blombach, CJF, #2036 and Rick Burten, CJF, #3414

Region 1 Directors: Pat Gallahan, CJF, #2986, AZ; Jason Harmeson, CJF, #1371, CA; Kenny Lyon, CJF, #6303, CA; Bill Searle, CJF, #819, OR

Region 2 Directors: Michael Chance, CJF, #3092, OK; Dusty Franklin, CJF, #4361,OK; Alan Larson, CJF, #2785, TX; Dennis Manning, CJF, #270, UT; Walt Taylor, CF, #1, NM; William J. (Toby) Tobbler, CF, #2006, MO

Region 3 Directors: Roy Bloom, CJF, #1102, WI; Rick Burten, CJF, #3414, IL; Danvers Child, CJF, #3919, IN; Dave Farley, CF, #1516, OH; Scott Kelber, CJF, #5567, IA; David Kleindendorst, CF, #6719, MN; Dion O’Brien, CJF, #4260, IN; Garnet Oetjens, CJF, #2038, MI; Chris Zizian, #6173, Ontario, Canada

Region 4 Directors: Dan Bradley, #522, MS; Stan Davis, #8001, GA; Steve P. Davis, CF, #3980, TN; Ron Kramedjian, CF, #8231, TN; Jerry Langdon, CJF, #1879, NC; Mike (Dr. Michael ) Miller, CJF, #5206, AL

Region 5 Directors: Deborah Ash, CF, #2403, NH; Bruce Daniels, CJF, #460, NH; Mike Givney, CF, #5420, NY; Steve Kraus, CJF, #360, NY; Sean McClure, #7907, MA; Jack Millman, CJF, #1489, MA.

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