Sunday, November 25, 2007

Speedy Recovery Wishes to Farrier Allen Smith

Some horses in Massachusetts have had to allow a stranger to pick up their hooves lately. Forgive them if they're restless; some of these horses have never even known another farrier. That will be the case today when a Dutch Warmblood named Iabony lifts his big feet for Tom Maker, who'll be helping out a friend.

Allen Smith normally shoes for a very select client list; his list hasn't changed much over the years. But right now, Allen is recovering from cataract surgery and a detached retina, so Tom and some other farriers are lending their able hands for an old friend.

Allen is known, of course, as the former president of the American Farrier's Association and its de facto ombudsman. But he really does shoe horses when he's not quoting Roberts Rules of Order.

The AFA has always depended on Allen to see things clearly and he hopefully will be doing that again very soon.

(I've known Allen so long that the photos of him in his file with the magazine are black and white!)


Anonymous said...

Iabony thanks Tom Maker for caring for his feet that Sunday. Not only did we meet a warm and wonderful farrier, we also got to meet Nancy! Thank you, Fran, for acknowledging Allen Smith's role in keeping Iabony sound through all these years. Genuine human-horse relationships are not exclusive to the horse owner and the horse!

Sheilz said...

Tommy Maker is the best!