Friday, December 28, 2007

American Farrier Associations Elections Near

Maybe it's my proximity to New Hampshire and all the US Presidential election publicity here, but I've taken a keen interest in the American Farrier's Associations elections this year and have compiled some of the minutiae about the candidates.

A new system of government goes in place in February when New York farrier Andrew Elsbree takes office as president over a smaller board of regional directors instead of representatives of individual chapter associations of farriers.

Two former AFA presidents, Bruce Daniels of New Jersey and Walt Taylor of New Mexico, are candidates for the new board. In fact, most of the candidates are former officers, committee chairs, or chapter presidents.

Commercial interests are heavy in the elections; two candidates are technical reps for manufacturers and another has his own line of tools. At least three of the candidates are (or at least have been) commercial clinicians for a horseshoe distributor. What's oddly missing is the competition constituency, although Jason Harmeson was recently on the American Farriers Team and several candidates mentioned their competition experience as helpful to their professional development.

Of the 28 candidates, 21 hold the AFA's journeyman certification and only one is not certified.

AFA elections are always interesting. In the candidate statements, each candidate provided a photo. Three posed with horses. Two posed with their dogs. Seven sent in photos of themselves in a work setting or anvil-side pose. Two donned neckties. Nine chose to be photographed wearing ball caps; two preferred stetsons. One was excluded from the montage of candidates on the front cover of the election guide. The only two bearded candidates are from New England.

One thing they all have in common: they are all men. And they all want the job.


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone:
Fran asked me to share this email with everyone.


Reading you blog the other day and I noticed that you pointed out that the majority of the candidates are or were past officers of the AFA, committee chairs, etc.

Just a note to let you know that this was intentional for this first election of the new board. The committee that handled the transition from the chapter representation to the regional representation debated the subject pretty heartily. We debated if we should have a caucus system where the members of the current board sat the first board and if we should let the general membership run for the the first seating of the board. We eventually agreed that the membership needed to be given the choice of who would represent them, however there was the sticky situation of having people who understood how a board meeting worked. We agreed that if in the event 10 out of the 15 elected people didn't understand the process of a meeting under Roberts Rules of Order it would be very difficult for the board to function or handle the business that the association needed to complete. We agreed that we needed experienced people on the board, we further agreed that limiting the choice to current board members wouldn't be enough of a choice for the membership, so we decided to present a plan where the first board would be limited to people with experience weather they were present or former board members, former officers, committee chairs etc. That is why there isn't a write in space on this singular ballot.

Beginning with the 2009 election and all future elections the general membership will be eligible for the board.

I hope that all makes sense.


Tom Trosin

Fran Jurga said...

Thanks, Tom. That is important information. I understand that the ballots are in and being counted, so perhaps we will have election results to announce soon.