Friday, January 25, 2008

Friends at Work: Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

British farrier Pete Wherret DipWCF showed up in a New Zealand newspaper today. He’s in Hawke's Bay, seeing to the hooves of the 700 polo ponies in town for the Dewars Cup. Read the article about the inter-Equatorial polo-specialist farrier (and the tournament) here.

Note: “Friends At Work” is a regular feature of the Hoof Blog. When newspapers and web sites alert us to features on our hard-working readers and friends, I sometimes can figure out how to link to the story and share the photo with blog readers. Preference is given to people who aren’t normally in the news…and the more exotic the locale, the better! Scroll down the blog to read more "Friends at Work" posts from all over the world. You could be next!

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