Monday, March 10, 2008

Favorite Video Clip: The Show-Off Jumper

Thanks to June Evers of Horse Hollow Press in New York for forwarding this clip of a young Belgian jump prospect. Assuming that this horse didn't break or rupture anything when he landed is testimony to the miraculous design of the equine limb.

The horse, whose name is Gesalme, is said to by Espom Gesmeray (you may remember him from the Athens Olympics in 2004) and is promoted by BĂ©ligneux-le-Haras.


soph said...

Having a little difficulty viewing the video. Is it my end?

Fran Jurga said...

Hi Sophie, I think so; it works find on my end. That said, you must wait for the whole blog to load before it will play, and the blog has lots of large video files and images on it, so be patient.

Also, click on the play icon and hold young finger down on the mouse for a few seconds, and you will probably see the buffering start up.

YouTube might be busy, too! If you have more difficulty, let me know.