Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zenyatta: Champion Mare Shows Her Toes at Bath Time

Zenyatta, originally uploaded by Rock and Racehorses.

Photographer Sarah K. Andrew coaxed champion mare Zenyatta to show off one of her shiny shoes while she enjoyed her bath at Churchill Downs recently, before returning to California to win her first start of 2009. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing this photo!


Mike Miller said...

This is nice work.
Many years ago when I worked on ex-racehorses to turn them into show hunters or jumpers, the feet never looked this good when they arrived off the track.
This shows what a horse shod with a perfect hoof-pastern axis, adequate heel support and a nice full toe not "backed up" or dubbed off can do.

Mike Miller

Heidi Meyer said...

Her heel bulbs and back of the frog have still displaced over the back of the shoe......sigh.....some time off barefoot and getting her toes back will help the foot recoup, most likely all four. This is the biggest reason for sheared,underrun heels and tendon issues.....so obvious but so common. Back of weight bearing should be under the heel bulbs......peripheral loading is what sets them up for laminitis too

Heidi Meyer said...

Thank you so much for posting a pic of this mares feet. Sad to see no heel on her and the frog/heel bulbs pulled out behind the shoe, but that is what is often accepted as the norm. Oh how I would love to have seen her run on a healthy hoof capsule....the records she would have set! Negative palmar angles dont work for any horse, especial one under race stress. Thanks for the pics :)