Thursday, October 15, 2009

Laminitis Conference Discount Deadline Is Today!

Hoof Blog News Flash!
Your Hoof Blog Discount for Laminitis Conference Registration


Hoofcare & Lameness subscribers save $50 on registration for the

5th International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot

November 6-8, 2009 West Palm Beach, Florida

Important information: Your registration includes all meals plus the now-famous Saturday night dinner cruise.

But the deadline to contact the conference is today, October 15!

Speakers include (among many) Hoofcare & Lameness authors Chris Pollitt, Paul Goodness, Katy Watts, Scott Morrison, Michael Wildenstein, and many more.

Laminitis researchers from around the world will report on university-based research while a practical program brings the latest and most creative treatment and management information for all types of foot problems from lameness specialist veterinarians and clinic-based farriers.

A special presentation by Dr Pollitt will feature his high-definition videography of wild horse hooves in Australia and his extrapolation of wild horse hoof data as it compares to and contrasts with domestic horses, as well as the normal hoof functions in contrast with laminitis hoof functions.

New to the conference will be Dr Simon Collins of the Animal Health Trust in England, who has worked with Dr Pollitt on using human medicine's "Mimics" software to present CT scans of laminitic hooves as 3-D structures which Dr. Pollitt says he can "dissect on his computer screen". (I want to see that.)

Dr. Mike Steward from Oklahoma will review and update his development of the Steward Clog low-tech support system for laminitis and Dr Amy Rucker of Midwest Equine will focus on venograms and coronary band resection.

On the non-laminitis side of the conference, Pat Reilly, Paul Goodness and a support crew from Forging Ahead, James Gilchrist, and Michael Wildenstein will have farrier expertise to share, along with Dr. Morrison from Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital and Dr Rucker, who many of you will remember from the Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium.

The reduced registration rate of $550 per person to the Hoofcare & Lameness community is even lower when two people register together. Please check the conference web site for details. Conference brochures were sent to all Hoofcare & Lameness subscribers, but if you didn't get one, let the conference registration know that you haven't had reference to the program.

The web-based registration is for convenience. Call the conference with questions or to register by some other means. Hotel information is also on the conference website (

The conference admin phone number is 781 697 0469. Email is If that doesn't work, call me at 978 281 3222. I probably cannot answer your question, but I can find someone who can.

Thanks for supporting this conference.

Link to conference web site:

Link to blog post about Dr. Pollitt's hoof imaging tech:

Link to an article about the conference and the 20th anniversary of Secretariat's death:

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