Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Share the Hoof Blog's Success with a Banner Ad or Sponsored Post!

Your Ad Here, originally uploaded by EJP Photo.
It's time to open up the Hoof Blog and share the fun and wealth of more than 1000 articles and news items about hoof health, farrier science, research and the art, culture, and history of those who care for horses' feet.

In celebration of our 1000th article, you're invited to advertise your product, service, business, or event on the blog. Choose from banner ads in the sidebar (area to the right of articles) or sponsor an article with a banner ad or place a block ad right in the body of the blog!

Blog visitors from all over the web will see your ad! On the blog, the ads will be "clickable" and go right to the web or email address that you specify. On most RSS feeds at various sites around the web and in our daily email headlines, block ads (approximately 480 pixels x 480 pixels) will carry a bonus headline separate from articles and result in extra search engine or keyword exposure for advertiser.

Contact Hoofcare Publishing today for more information! Email Blogads@hoofcare.com or call 978 281 3222 to reserve a premium spot.

You'll start seeing ads appear this week. Our ads will be high quality and all ads are subject to review and approval. We can create an ad for you or probably use or convert an existing ad you may already have.

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