Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day Guinness Commercials: Celebrate, Video-Style!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Whatever you do today, there's a chance you might run into some of the products or culture spawned by the Guinness Brewery of Dublin, Ireland.

It wasn't enough for Guinness to have a cult-like following among pub-goers around the world, they also created a media culture with 50 years of television ads that celebrate more than just their deep, dark stout. They celebrate life--as only the Irish could portray and celebrate it, in every corner the world.

Wait for the videos to load--if you have a slow connection, it might take a while. Can you guess which one contains an anvil?

Luckily for us, Guinness likes horses. They show up regularly in ads and commercials, or even at the gates of the ancient brewery in Dublin.

Thank you, Ireland, for making today a holiday--and for making Guinness ads that are such an inspiration, we all want to be part of it.

Border collie Guinness: Created intentionally to go viral via social media, this commercial has its own movie-like trailer. It is only two weeks old and it's already had almost two million views on YouTube.

Guinness is good for you: In the 1950s, Guinness was promoted as a health food. It still has its devotees, just ask Zenyatta and other top racehorses who have had a daily ration of stout poured on their feed.

CG-Guinness: The Irish rugby team reveals its roots (definitely a favorite)

Pub culture Guinness: A stout history of barroom pool.

Polar Guinness: Someone needs to make a movie about Ireland's Tom Crean. He survived both the Scott and Shackleton expeditions, walked across the Ice Shelf (as in this commercial), was named a British hero and then retreated from public view to run a pub in County Kerry. At least Guinness made his legend the star of a commercial.

Before you were (probably) born: A Guinness-is-good-for-you poster comes alive for early television, circa 1955; this must be one of the earliest commercials

Global Guinness: I've been in other countries during the Super Bowl and I can definitely relate to this one. Maybe you were with me. Who could forget explaining American football in that cafe in Geneva, or that mountain-top bar in St Barth's where some guys had to sit on the roof and point a tv antenna toward Puerto Rico hoping to pick up a CBS signal...

Wild west Guinness: An all-American tough-guy fantasy for horse friends; this one might be my all-time favorite commercial although it doesn't quite say "Guinness" to me, for some reason. I like it anyway!

Just silly Guinness: because you knew I'd find an anvil buried in all these Guinness ads for my farrier friends. I think this is the ad campaign for the American market, but I wish they'd run their global ads.

I also wish that the creative minds of Guinness could be promoting horse racing in the USA. We need that kind of creativity, humor and especially their sense to find the spectacular in the everyday things around us.

There are dozens and dozens of great Guinness ads. What's your favorite? There's even a "Guinnessads" channel on YouTube. Post the link in the comments section to share your favorites or vote for the best one posted here.

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The Guinness horses surfer ad
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Thanks, Ireland and thanks, Guinness!
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