Monday, April 08, 2013

The Laminitis Revolution Begins Wednesday; Register for Webinar

A much-anticipated webinar on endocrine laminitis is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10, at 8 pm London time, which is probably about 3 pm New York time.

British veterinary surgeon David Rendle, from the Liphook Equine Hospital in Hampshire, England, will discuss how the veterinary profession’s understanding of laminitis has been revolutionized in recent years and provide useful tips to help horse owners manage this debilitating disease.

As a result of new research, owners battling with laminitis have a real opportunity to shape a positive future for their horses, and to avoid further painful episodes.

“Historically, laminitis has been viewed as solely a nutritional problem, frequently occurring as a result of horses grazing lush pasture,” explains David. “However, recent studies indicate that up to 90% of horses may develop laminitis due to an underlying hormonal disease such as Equine Cushing’s Disease or Equine Metabolic Syndrome, and the ingestion of sugars, for example in lush pasture, may just be a trigger factor for laminitis in horses with these diseases.”

The online broadcast characterizes both Equine Cushing’s Disease and Equine Metabolic Syndrome and offers practical tips and advice on the diagnosis, treatment and management required to help prevent laminitis in horses with these conditions. Central to this is the importance of testing all horses and ponies with laminitis for these hormonal diseases so that veterinarians are fully informed about how to treat and manage the horse in the future.

“Unless the underlying cause of the laminitis is addressed, horses will continue to be at risk of painful recurrent episodes, which are a significant welfare issue to the horse and extremely frustrating for owners. As our knowledge of the two hormonal diseases responsible for the majority of cases of laminitis improves, veterinary surgeons can offer their clients more comprehensive advice on treatment options to prevent laminitis.

"For many owners who have struggled with this condition, this is an absolute relief and revelation,” continues David Rendle.

Taking place on the Internet at 8:00 pm (London, England time) on Wednesday April 10th, the online broadcast is part of the nationwide ‘Talk About Laminitis’ disease awareness initiative in Greant Britain, supported by the British Horse Society, World Horse Welfare and Redwings.

The broadcast is an absolute must for owners of laminitis prone horses looking to help prevent further suffering or irreversible damage to feet. The program will run for one hour including an interactive Q&A session when David Rendle will answer email questions live.

To register to view the online program, visit

Note: During the ‘Talk About Laminitis’ campaign, which runs from April until the end of June,Boehringer Ingelheim is offering free laboratory fees for the blood test used to detect Cushing’s disease for horses in Great Britain. The initiative is aimed at raising the awareness of the underlying hormonal causes of laminitis.

Visit to "join the revolution" (by attending the seminar).
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