Monday, January 13, 2014

Farrier Photography: Matthew Wright Exhibit Shows Andy Eadie Shoeing on England's Lambourn Downs

Photographer Matthew P. Wright followed farrier Andy Edie around the Lambourn Downs area of England. The result is a photography exhibit that has been made into a book, which can be previewed here.

Let's face it, there just aren't very many art exhibits dedicated to photography of farriers or horse hooves. In fact, I can't remember the last time I was invited to one.

Not long ago, if I missed a gallery exhibit opening, I might never see the photos. Or maybe months later, I'd see an exhibit catalog.

Wait for the flipbook to load, then use the full screen tool (bottom right, four arrows) to view the book at full size, read the text and see the photos.

"The Farrier" is a photographic documentary recording the work and professional environment of English farrier Andy Eadie, DipWCF in and around a Thoroughbred training area known as the Lambourn Downs.  The exhibit opens tomorrow in England at the Vale and Downland Museum in Oxfordshire, but you can see a good part of it here on The Hoof Blog.

You probably know what this is but I wonder if people viewing the exhibit will wonder...a lovely photo of an ordinary thing by Matthew Wright.
In the cold depths of winter 2013, photographer Matthew P. Wright followed Andy at work for days. Working in racing yards, boarding farms and private stables, Andy works out of view of all but those who either own or work with the horses.

The exhibition not only documents the life of this artisan craftsman but also captures the textures, colors and fabric of the stables, as well as hinting at the quietly intimate relationship Andy develops with the horses who share his days.

In a world where the horse and jockey are frequently photographed, Matthew’s photographs present a view that is rarely seen or presented to the public and shows that horses have a relationship--perhaps even closer--with another human. Matthew's exhibition documents the shoeing process and creates compelling images that speak of the Downs as a key aspect of local rural life.

Matthew is a qualified professional photographer and a member of the Society of Architectural Illustration. He has over 20 years of experience and specializes in landscape, architectural, commercial and travel photography.  Examples of his non-farrier work can be found on his website,

"The Farrier" exhibit can be purchased via a PDF download or a printed magazine via The exhibit in Wantage continues through February 8.

Information provided by Matthew P. Wright and by the Vale and Downland Museum was utilized for this article.


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