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Recent Publications: New Research on Hoofcare and Lameness

Did your New Year's Resolutions include a pledge to keep up with new research and developments in the research side of things? That could be a full time job. It could also be pretty costly, unless you have access to a library with the right journal subscriptions.

Given the availability of the journals on the web now, and the fact that articles are published on the web months before they appear in print, the Hoof Blog introduces a new feature of a linked list of articles for you to investigate, if you're interested.

Each article has a link to its home on the web, where you can read the abstract or the complete article or paper. Some may be available in PDF format for downloading. Others require a subscription or sign-in access.

This might be the time for you to update or start to use a reference curating tool like Endnote, RefWorks, Zotero (free), Mendeley (free)  and many similar apps to store links and full papers in HTML or PDF you find on the Internet. Some have apps so they work on your iPad or iPhone, too.

An elegant and efficient desktop app is the handsome "Papers", which looks a lot like your iTunes dashboard and won Apple design awards when it was launched. Papers lets you horde everything you want on a subject and offers the advantage of attaching notes to papers and email forwarding integration as well as the ability to search a dozen or so different search engines, libraries and databases.

The newest version qualifies as eye candy but the old version (Papers 2) seems to be available as a free download, while the new (Papers 3) has a hefty price tag. Even though Papers looks Mac-ish, it works on PCs, as well.

Just to be clear: with reference curation tools, you are not downloading papers from the web, you are storing links to them unless they are available in PDF form. Since some papers are available on multiple sites, you may check different sites to see if the entire paper is available or just an abstract. Articles in PDF format can usually be downloaded or stored on the app for future reference, which frees up hard-drive space.

This is the interface screen for the reference tool Papers 2, after performing a patent search for "horse hoof boot". The program scours a list of databases, libraries and search engines. Only 11 of the program's long list are enabled for this search. The "import" command at the bottom of the screen adds this patent document to the user's unique collection for easy reference.

A less formal free web plugin like Evernote can be set up to store web-based journal references, as well. Evernote's "notebooks" can be named to match major categories of research that you follow or search for, such as laminitis or canker or foal development.

To view the new articles from late 2013 and January 2014, click the article title link to go to the journal's page for that article. The abstract should be displayed, and some will automatically show the full article. If you see a prompt to pay for the paper, you will need to do so, buy a subscription to that journal, or find a library or source that has access to the Wiley or Elsevier journals. Some public libraries can access them through database subscriptions that you can, in turn, access from your computer using your library card sign-in information.

Your reference librarian can be a very valuable asset to your professional development. Make a new friend today!

Even after a year-end reading marathon facilitated by some snow days, the stack of unread journals instantly rose again. Between hard copies and web editions, keeping up has become more difficult instead of easier. Reference curation tools seem to be a necessity rather than a hyper-organized quirk now.

Anatomy and Morphology

Computed Tomographic Anatomy of the Equine Foot
S Claerhoudt, EHJ Bergman, JH Saunders - Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia, 2013

Morphological and Biomechanical Properties of Equine Laminar Junction
B Faramarzi - Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 2013

Biomechanics and Gait

Impact of walking surface on the range of motion of equine distal limb joints for rehabilitation purpose
JL Mendez-Angulo, AM Firshman, DM Groschen, PJ Kieffer, TN Trumble - The Veterinary Journal, 2013

A preliminary study on pressure-plate evaluation of forelimb toe–heel and mediolateral hoof balance on a hard vs. a soft surface in sound ponies at the walk and trot
M. Oosterlinck, E. Royaux, W. Back, F. Pille - Equine Veterinary Journal, 2014


The range and prevalence of clinical signs and conformation associated with lameness in working draught donkeys in Pakistan
CC Burn, JC Pritchard, ARS Barr, HR Whay - Equine Veterinary Journal, 2014

A comparison of 3-T magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography arthrography to identify structural cartilage defects of the fetlock joint in the horse
F Hontoir, JF Nisolle, V Simon, M Tallier, R Vanderstricht, N Antoine, J Piret, P Clegg, JM Vandeweerd - The Veterinary Journal, 2013

Recent Advances in Standing Orthopedic Equine Surgery
T O'Brien, RJ Hunt - Veterinary Clinics of North America: Equine Practice, 2014

Comparison between palpation and ultrasonography for evaluation of experimentally induced effusion in the distal interphalangeal joint of horses
J Olive, N Lambert, KA Bubeck, G Beauchamp, S Laverty - American Journal of Veterinary Research, 2014

Does periosteal scraping of the third metacarpal bone decrease the incidence of 'bucked shins' in young Thoroughbred racehorses?
S Plevin, J McLellan - Equine Veterinary Journal, 2013

Advances in the understanding of tendinopathies: A report on the Second Havemeyer Workshop on equine tendon disease
R Smith, W McIlwraith, R Schweitzer, K Kadler, J Cook, B. Caterson, S. Dakin, D. HeinegÄrd, H. Screen, S. Stover, N. Crevier-Denoix, P. Clegg, M. Collins, C. Little, D. Frisbie, M. Kjaer, R. van Weeren, N. Werpy, J.-M. Denoix, A. Carr, A. Goldberg, L. Bramlage, M. Smith, A. Nixon - Equine Veterinary Journal, 2014


Breed differences in insulin sensitivity and insulinaemic responses to oral glucose in horses and ponies of moderate body condition score
NJ Bamford, SJ Potter, PA Harris, SR Bailey - Domestic Animal Endocrinology, 2013

Toll-like receptor and pro-inflammatory cytokine expression during prolonged hyperinsulinaemia in horses: implications for laminitis
MA de Laat, CK Clement, CM McGowan, MN Sillence, C.C. Pollitt, V.A. Lacombe -Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 2014

The equine gastro-intestinal tract: An overview of the microbiota, disease and treatment
LMT Dicks, M Botha, E Dicks, M Botes - Livestock Science, 2013

Molecular Characterization of the Pathophysiology of the Digital Laminae in Acute Carbohydrate-Induced Equine Laminitis
EA Pawlak - Doctorate dissertation, University of Massachusetts, 2013

Approaches to managing laminitis
D Rendle - Veterinary Times, 2013

Current status and future directions: Equine pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction and equine metabolic syndrome
JE Sojka‐Kritchevsky, PJ Johnson - Equine Veterinary Journal, 2014

Management and Environment

Investigation of Equestrian Arena Surface Properties and Rider Preferences
DS Holt, Danielle Susannah - Masters thesis (abstract), University of Central Lancashire, 2013

Natural Feeding Strategies for Sport Horses; A “Contradictio in Terminis”?
N Hilmo, D van Doorn - 2013 (Ghent University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine thesis document)

Effect of period, water temperature and agitation on loss of water-soluble carbohydrates and protein from grass hay: implications for equine feeding management
AC Longland, C Barfoot, PA Harris - Veterinary Record, 2013

Patent Applications

Therapeutic Support Horseshoe
CJ Burns, SE Morrison - US Patent 20,130,277,070 (2013)

Equestrian Performance Sensing System
FM Smith, X Olivier - US Patent 20,130,280,683 (2013)

To Learn More:

Overview of citation software at MIT: Managing your references

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