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Feet First in Vegas: Three Hoof Seminars Precede December's AAEP Convention and NFR

Las Vegas hoofcare events precede AAEP Convention and NFR

The dates: 61st Annual AAEP Convention December 5-9
Unafiliated hoof education events will run from December 3-5 
and are described with videos and full program lists here

Fran Jurga, journalist and publisher
The Elvis impersonators will need to make room for the James Herriot wannabes. The sound of spinning roulette wheels may be drowned out by pounding hooves and snorting bulls. And the bling? Make that the twang:  Just a few of the country stars playing in Vegas during these events: Trace Adkins, Merle Haggard, LeAnn Rimes, Alabama, The Charlie Daniels Band, Tanya Tucker, and Reba McIntyre with Brooks and Dunn. If country's not your thing, Andrea Bocelli will serenade you with an aria.

The American Association of Equine Practitioners and the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo already have horses in common, but that week, they'll also share hotels, restaurants, night clubs, and gaming tables. And I already know that a fair number of vets are thrilled that the two events overlap, because they're rodeo fans.

And it's all kicking off feet-first, with events designed to attract veterinarians, farriers, and even horse owners who are interested in their horses' hooves. Today The Hoof Blog has a preview of not just the fun, but of the real reason to head to Las Vegas: to attend one (or more) of the hoofcare official and independent education events that lead into the massive convention and trade show of the AAEP.

There's more of course: If you like to shop, there's a pan-Vegas retail market known as "Cowboy Christmas" that will make your credit cards tremble. If you're a rodeo fan, see what Charlie Daniels has to say in his new song, which launches on iTunes tomorrow, but is on The Hoof Blog today:

But if you're interested in hoofcare education and equine podiatry:

1. AAEP One-Day Equine Podiatry Workshop December 5

Equine Podiatry Workshop
As previously announced on The Hoof Blog, the AAEP Equine Podiatry Workshop is an off-site, one-day event featuring six farrier and veterinarian morning speakers and an afternoon wet lab. According to the convention website, the Podiatry Workshop "is now closed for registrations and all those on the waiting list who received a spot have been notified."

You probably know if are registered or not. Please check with the AAEP for any questions about this event--and look for me there!

2. Equine Podiatry Principles and Mechanical Concepts Two-Day Seminar with Dr. Ric Redden at the Luxor December 3-4

Lecture Topics on Thursday

R.F. Redden DVM
Dr, Ric Redden
  • The correlation of radiographic soft tissue parameters,correlating external landmarks and the internal connectedness of the suspension and support components.
  • A detailed review of mismatched feet inside and out. Where the problem originates and why do they often resist the best of farrier efforts.
  • Defining and classifying various levels of deep flexor suspension, from the lowest grade club to the spontaneous deep flexor contraction syndrome. Treatment and management options.
  • The crushed heel syndrome, review of the dysfunctional components, known factors that can contribute to the cause and effect and early detection. Trimming and shoeing aids and improved management practice.

Lecture Topics on Friday 

  • Navicular syndrome, informative radiographic images, correlation between TSA and bone lesions, DDFT tension influence, managing athletic cases using effective mechanics guided by radiographic control.
  • The sound cripple pre-purchase exam may require farrier as well as veterinarian input.
  • Examining the bilateral lame horse, developing a tentative dx, a definitive dx for laminitis, the sequence of cascading events from the lowest insult to high scale and debilitating complications.
  • Be proactive, improve damage assessment, employ efficient Emergency Mechanical Treatment (EMT).
  • Interpreting vascular alterations consistent with various stages of the syndrome. Influence of the DDFT relative to vascular patency, treatment options relative to damage and chronicity, rotation, penetration and/or sinking. 

Registration is open for one or both days; lectures will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with breaks and time for lunch.

Dr. Redden's pre-convention seminar is approved for CE credits for vets and farriers. The Luxor is within walking distance of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, where the AAEP Convention will be held.

Questions? Call Nanric: 877-462-6742 
Link to seminar registration form (early registration discount ends November 3, 2015)

Here's the AAEP's latest video to promote the convention:

3. Equine Lameness Prevention Organization's Three-Day International Lameness Prevention Conference at the Excalibur, December 3-5

Speakers and presenters (both veterinarians and farriers, in alphabetical order): 
Daisy Bicking, Blane Chapman, Steve Foxworth, Carrey Gunderman, Kim Henneman, Deidra Loendorf, David J. Nicholls, Cody Ovnicek , Gene Ovnicek, Jen Reid, Chase Rutledge, Clifford Smith, Tara Timpson.

Lecture titles:

Gene Ovnicek, farrier
Gene Ovnicek
  • Soft tissue injuries in the performance horse: Commonly missed injuries that can affect comfort, health and performance.
  • How to use Tony Gonzalez shimming to help rebalance pelvic movement
  • Combining the Lameness Locator(R) with thermal imaging to locate vague soft tissue injuries
  • Laminitis when you least expect it!
  • Heart Bar Shoes - A Modern Day Approach
  • Modifying Aluminum Leverage Reduction Shoes for Lameness
  • Investigating Trimming Modalities
  • Equine Limb Mechanics when Turning Circles
  • Nailing Tips for Stabilizing the Back of the Foot
  • Veterinary Diagnostics: Where are we now & what does it mean to the farrier?
  • Farriery Approach to Data Collection
  • Flares: How/Why the Occur & How to Prevent
  • Maggot Debridement Therapy: Why I Love Maggots & You Should Too!
  • The Good, The Bad, & the Hungry: How to Apply Maggot Debridement Therapy
  • Requirement Differences for the ELPO Glue Practitioner Exam
  • The Next Step in Sole Support
  • Hoof Trimming: Can Distortions be your Guide?
  • Case Study: Using Prosthetic
  • New Ideas in Equine Dentistry
  • How does dentistry affect soundness?
  • Managing Leverage
  • Why do we put shoes on crooked?
  • Horsemanship for the Hoofcare Provider
  • Change: Where are we now?

Full registration and schedule details for the ILPC. The event includes a trade show and a "hoof mapping challenge" competition for attendees.

This video is rather long, but it takes you to the ILPC in Las Vegas, back in 2013, via a feature packaged from a longer full episode of The Horse Show with Rick Lamb. (Note: This year's event may or may not be similar to what is shown.) You can use the slider at the bottom of the screen to skip ahead or go back.

For more information about the ILPC event, or the ELPO, call Cody Ovnicek: 719-372-7299 or email See you there!

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