Thursday, December 05, 2019

Hoof Trimmer Supply offers specialist products for barefoot hoofcare

This week, we celebrate the specialist retail experience. In this case, we’ll introduce you to Hoof Trimmers Supply, where a full line of products is in stock for professional trimmers and do-it-yourself horse owners who want to keep their barefoot horses’ hooves trimmed and healthy.

The specialized new retailer is rooted in a well-organized e-commerce website that makes ordering supplies efficient both in decreasing the time spent finding the supplies, and in the depth of choices in tools, boots, and supplies.

Barefoot hoof trimmers don’t need big trucks, drill presses, grinders, racks of shoes, or anvils and they may pull up at a barn in a car or SUV. They do need rasps and nippers and plenty of topical products and hoof boots, which fit conveniently in smaller vehicle spaces.

Many trimmers are involved in rehabilitating hooves as well as maintaining sound ones, so Hoof Trimmer Supply also carries hoof repair products.

When it comes to purchasing what they need, hoof trimmers have traditionally looked for what they needed in farrier supply stores, or stopped by Tractor Supply. Buying from multiple sources is time consuming, however, and Hoof Trimmer Supply is dedicated to making it possible to order everything from one supplier who knows the trimming business and what customers likely need.

Hoof trimmers visiting the new site can take advantage of another plus for this retailer: customer service representatives with experience in trimming.

What is the hot seller for hoof trimmers as we go into fall?  A relatively new product,  Life Data Labs’ “Hoof Clay”, is popular as well as Farriers Formula hoof supplement.

Another area that this retailer is addressing is the special needs of miniature horses’ hooves. Hoof Trimmer Supply sells mini rasps, mini-sized hoof boots and foal nippers to serve miniature-horse trimmers.

Hoof Trimmer Supply offers its own private line of basic trimming tools under the “Stabil” brand as well as high-end nippers from the farrier world like GE Tools, rasps from eight manufacturers, and 18 different brands of hoof knives.

The store’s largest product group is topical products and hoof repair materials, such as Vettec’s line of sole products and a house brand of copper sulphate in an economical bulk container.

How can you connect with Hoof Trimmers Supply? The company’s website is designed for online ordering, plus the staff are available during business hours. Customers can call any time of the night or day to leave messages and orders by voice mail and will benefit from the store’s quick fulfillment of orders, along with a policy that all orders over $200 qualify for free shipping.

To contact Hoof Trimmer Supply:
On the Internet:
By phone: (860) 238-7967

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