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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Can't get enough Barbaro? More links!

And the links go on...
This is getting a little lengthy...but some people want to read it all. So here you go! I am updating this regularly, with the most recent links at the top.
Maryland track officials analyze slo-mo video of injury from all angles, think they are 80% sure that Brother Derek and Barbaro had contact leading to injury.
Great essay about weightbearing and recovery after surgery with quotes from JD Howard DVM, the vet who worked with Nuryev after his leg surgery.
The New York Times of 29 May gives balanced coverage to charges of vet error or assistant starter incompetence in the search to understand why the colt broke down. Includes a letter from a Montana veterinarian and his charges.
Did you know that Dr. Dean Richardson is from Hancock, NH? (Not Hanover, although that is where he earned his BS, at Dartmouth) And that he operated on Barbaro on the anniversary of the death of his father? Here's the local press's angle on Barbaro's surgeon
"Human intervention has been so pervasive that on some level these are scarcely horses any longer but centaurs, part equine and part human, their lives so intermingled with ours that there is no separating the two."--From "Our Creation, Our Concern: Equine Evolution", a critical essay by Linda Greenhouse published in the 28 May Sunday New York Times. An interesting aside: the author is the Times's Supreme Court reporter.
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