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Monday, May 08, 2006

Lisa Simons Lancaster Survives Vet School!

Lisa Simons Lancaster PhD DVM poses minutes after receiving her DVM degree on 6 May at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Lisa is a frequent contributor to Hoofcare & Lameness Journal and recently agreed to join our board of consulting editors. She plans to return to her former practice specializing in hoof rehabilitation.

Lisa is the author of the popular new book, The Sound Hoof, and has been conducting research in histological studies of the laminar junction of the hoof in the Equine Foot Laboratory at Michigan State with Dr. Robert Bowker. It was a pleasure to be present at the ceremony. Congratulations, Lisa!

You can download a pdf file of Lisa's Hoofcare & Lameness article about the conflicts between Strasser and traditional hoofcare theories on the homepage at

Read about Lisa's book, The Sound Hoof, here:

Visit Lisa's web site,
(photo by Fran Jurga, apron by Gibbins)

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