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2006 AAEP Convention Addresses the Foot; Farriers-Only Program Added

Hoofcare & Lameness has received a document pertaining to the 2006 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention, to be held in San Antonio December 3-6. While farriers have always been able to attend the convention, this is the first time that a farriers-only program has been offered.

San Antonio will be my 21st AAEP Convention! Hoofcare has always been part of this convention, and we have a busy booth in what is surely the largest horse health trade show in the world. It is worth going just for the trade show!

(Blogger's note: speakers are veterinarians unless otherwise designated, although Mike Pownall is both a DVM and a CF. Also the laminitis presentations are reports on research from the Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit of Dr. Chris Pollitt. Dr Pollitt will be in San Antonio, but the new data will be presented by research staff).

Here is the message from the AAEP and Dr. Steve O'Grady:

The American Association of Equine Practitioners would like to invite farriers to attend our 52nd Annual Convention to be held in San Antonio, Texas on December 3-6, 2006. This year's program will feature multiple sessions devoted to the equine foot.

Monday Afternoon December 4
In-depth session on Palmar Foot Pain (3 hours)

*Structure and Function of the Equine Digit in Relation to Palmar Foot Pain - Andrew Parks
*Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis of Palmar Foot Pain - Robert J. Hunt
*Therapeutic Considerations for Horses with Palmar Foot Pain - G. Kent Carter
*Strategies for Shoeing the Horse with Palmar Foot Pain - Stephen E. O'Grady

Tuesday Morning December 5
"Putting Science into Farriery" (session open to Farriers only)
*The Farrier-Veterinary Partnership: The Role of Diagnostic Imaging - Harry Werner
*Lameness evaluation: practice and theory - Andy Parks
*Hoof balance vs. hoof mechanics: is there a difference? - Bob Pethick, CJF
*The "tipping" point: radiographic assessment of the affect of wedge pads -- Mike Pownall
*Using composites to compliment farriery: when, where and how? - Scott Pleasant
*Lets review the landmarks that can be used to evaluate, trim and shoe the equine foot - Dave Duckett, FWCF

Wednesday Morning December 6
"How to" presentations on the hoof
How to...Use Hoof Wall Resection and Amniotic Membrane as a Treatment for Coronary Band Prolapse - Carrie Gatke-Long
How to...Surgically Access Lesions Beneath the Hoof Capsule - Clifford M. Honnas
How to...Radiographically Assess the Hoof Capsule and Related Lameness Problems - J. G. Merriam
How to...Prepare Equine Hoof Defects for Repair - William Moyer
How to...Manage White Line Disease - Stephen E. O'Grady
How to...Perform the Digital Venogram - Amy Rucker
How to...Assess the Equine Foot for Prepurchase - Tracy A. Turner
How to...Safely Perform a Mid-Metacarpal Deep Digital Flexor Tenotomy on a Standing Horse - Daniel J. Burba
How to...Cryotherapy Reduced the Severity of Laminitis Evaluated Seven Days after Induction With Oligofructose - Andrew W. van Eps
How to...Transcription of MMP-2 and MMP-9 in Horses with CHO Induced Laminitis Treated With an Intracecal Buffering Solution - Adriana H. Souza
How to...Acute Laminitis: The Temporal Evaluation of Serial Hoof Biopsies - Emma L. Croser

Additionally, Sunday through Tuesday there will be various 1.5 hour Table Topics including:
• Barefoot vs. shod,
• Foot lameness,
• Hoof wall cracks and defect repair techniques,
• Therapeutic shoeing,
• Managing acute and chronic laminitis.

Advance Registration fee for AAEP and farrier guests is $395*. (Registration includes complimentary lunch Sunday-Tuesday as well as access to the other program sessions and trade show.)

For more detailed program information or to register go to or call 1-800-443-0177.

( and will post updates as available.)

* Update #1...23 October...pre-registration deadline extended to 30 October 2006.

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