Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dressage Direct is free for a week

If you ever wonder where Hoofcare & Lameness or the Hoof Blog comes up with the news, here's the secret: we have friends. Good friends! Good friends all over the world. Good friends who just happen to also be good journalists and are in touch with the horse world and/or the horse health and farrier scenes.

Particular among these friends are people like Mark Andrews, publisher of Equine Science Update (please subscribe: or Bernard Duvernay, aka "The Flying Anvil" who is back and forth between his houseboat on Lake Geneva in Switzerland and the farthest corners of Asia and the Middle East (

And those are just two! Their web sites are both worth a visit.

Another good friend is Claartje van Andel , publisher of the Dressage Direct news service. Even if you are not into dressage, her news service is a clear window into the top levels of performance and breeding in Europe (and sometimes other places). Claartje was one of only two (or three?) journalists allowed to attend the FEI conference on rollkur, and her insights are very valuable to absorb. She does NOT just report on who won, but more on how they won. And what it means. She also is very careful about telling you the breeding of the horses. She might be a little prejudiced to the KWPN and the Dutch riders, but that's her business!

Claartje is very generously offering her news service for FREE for one week; with WEG coming up in Aachen in August, a subscription to Dresage Direct will give you a front row seat with a knowledgeable friend next to you to explain what is going on. I know I will count on her, as always. You can too!

To receive Dressage Direct for a free week, send a mail to with your name and email address. Please tell her I sent you! The web site is

Thanks to everyone who helps us, it is very much appreciated. We are not alone out there!