Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Get well, Chris Pollitt!

Dr. Chris Pollitt of the University of Queensland and director of the Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit (AELRU) is recovering from injuries suffered both when he was kicked in the face by a horse and difficulties under anesthesia during surgery to repair broken facial structures and his nose.

Dr. Pollitt is a key contributor to Hoofcare & Lameness Journal; issue 80 contains information about his research to prevent laminitis using cryotherapy (intensive icing of the feet and legs).

Chris's smile may be a little crooked, but we should all be extra delighted to see him. In the USA, Dr. Pollitt is expected to attend the AAEP Convention in San Antonio, Texas in December. He is not a speaker, but will support his students and staff who are presenting new research from the AELRU. He has agreed to be a special guest at a gathering of Hoofcare & Lameness subscribers, tentatively planned for Monday evening of that event.

Send "get well" messages and maybe pledge a donation to: or visit>

In the USA, donations to Dr. Pollitt are channeled through the tax-deductible portal of the Animal Health Foundation. Read about laminitis research at
Stay tuned for more details.

Photo caption: Dr. Pollitt presented a marathon "master class" on the equine foot and laminitis at the 2003 AAEP Convention in New Orleans. (Fran Jurga photo)

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