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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Worshipful Company of Farriers Honors Richard Gowing

It's great to see some good news! This just in from London, England:

The Worshipful Company of Farriers has honored an old friend to all readers of Hoofcare & Lameness Journal. Mr. Richard Gowing of Suffolk, England is now an honorary Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers (FWCF). The honor presentation stated Richard had made "...a major contribution to the profession of organizing countless events, especially competitions, constantly promoting the art of farriery." Richard is best known as a leading judge and exhibitor of heavy horses, and a de facto statesman for the care of their hooves and legs. He checks all the shoes on all the horses entered in the famous Peterborough Shire Show and is past president of both the Percheron and Shire associations in Great Britain.

A few years ago, Richard was president of the National Farriers Association in the UK, and made the trip to Lexington, KY for the AFA convention. I remember thinking how odd it was that such a talented man was in the midst of the convention and did not have a bigger role. His spirit and generosity are as huge as the horses he cares so much for.

On countless trips to Great Britain, Richard has extended friendship and hospitality to me and, I am sure, to dozens of American farriers and horsemen. It is very nice to see this sort of honor bestowed to a living farrier. I am not sure that I have heard of the WCF doing such a thing before, but then I am not sure there has been a fellow quite like Richard Gowing ever before.

Note: in the photo, I believe that is the Master of the Company, David Short, presenting the Fellowship to Richard, who is on the right.

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