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Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Festival der Hufschmiede" in Germany This Month

One of the world's largest assemblies of farriers is planned for October 26-28 in Krueth, near Nuremberg in the Bavaria region of southern Germany. Organized by Josef Luber of Luwex, the "farrier's festival" is in its fourth renewal; last year's event attracted about 600 farriers from 21 countries.

The Luwex event is a marathon of farrier lectures and demonstrations from morning to midnight. Held at Europe's largest equestrian show facility, farriers stay at a four-star hotel on the showgrounds, and eat in on-site restaurants.

This year's theme is better educational cooperation between the USA and Europe. US speakers are Mike Savoldi, Michael Wildenstein and Scott Morrison. European speakers include Hans Castelijns (Italy), Billy Crothers (Great Britain), Lorenzo d`Arpe (Italy), Bernard Duvernay (Switzerland), Andy Hermann (Austria), Kai Kreling (Germany), Dieter Krohnert (Germany), Rob Renirie (Holland), Sigi Simonson (Iceland).

Also from Germany:
Uwe Lukas, Carsten Neumann, Björn Tangemann, Simon Alt, Jörg Ohl, Rainer Koch, Thorsten Egert and Gudmundur Gudmundsson.

Translations into Spanish, English, French, Italian and German will be provided, and a trade show of international vendors is planned.

For more information, visit and click on your favorite language.

Or call 011 49 09604 9099222 (from the USA).

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