Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Edward Martin

Today, October 2, is Edward Martin's birthday; the godfather of modern farrier friendships turned 81 at home in Closeburn, Scotland, where he is quietly battling the effects of Parkinson's disease. Even so, reports are that Edward is getting out of the house and attending church regularly. His sister Jane is attending to him.

Contrary to some reports, Edward is not withering away in a nursing home, nor has he had a stroke or heart attack. He is quite ill, however, and the effects of the debilitating disease are tough punishment for such an active, vital man.

You may have missed his birthday, but you can still send him a card:

Edward Martin
Field's End
Shawsholm Road
Closeburn by Thornhill

(Apologies to those who do not know of Edward Martin. News continues in the next post.)

In the photo: Edward Martin visited the Clydesdale shoeing competition named for him at the Museum of Scottish Country Life last September. Here he is with American farrier (and judge that day) Mark Milster of Oklahoma. Thanks to Jean Meneley of Reno, Nevada, who visited Edward and loaned her photos.

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