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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Barbaro: Cast Removed at New Bolton Center

This just in from the University of Pennsylvania:

"Barbaro has had a significant setback over the last 24 hours. He became acutely more uncomfortable on his left hind foot. The foot cast was removed and some new separation of the medial (inside) portion of his hoof was found. This required some additional debridement (removal of the damaged tissue) last night.

"He is being treated much more aggressively at this time for his discomfort. He is continuing to eat well and is otherwise stable."

1 comment:

Warstone said...


Perhaps you can give me some perspective on just how severe this set back is. Can you give us some more info in what they are doing and why it may or may not work?

What do you think Barbaro's chances of recovery are now? What are the major concerns?

Thank you,