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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Magnetic Toe Clip Device Helps Farriers Position Shoe for Nailing

Our trusty reporters on the trade show floor at the farrier meeting in Cincinnati report that one of the most unique items they have seen is the "Shoe-Tru" device. It is an oversized toe clip with a magnet that adheres to the shoe.

Assuming that the toe of the shoe is "out there" with the toe of the foot, not set-back, the clip holds the shoe in placing for safer, more steady nailing. Once the nails are in, the farrier just slips the clip off the shoe.

Many farriers lament the unpopularity of toe clips on USA horse shoes; most people use side clips. Users of both types of clips site the ease of nailing on a clipped shoe. The magnetic clip may help with nailing, but not have the burn-in requirements of a "real" clip.

There are some ingenious people out there!

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1 comment:

john Silveira said...

Wow - yet another unusual gadget to complicate shoeing is my opinion. I don't have any problem putting shoes on with no clips - in fact i usually feel fitting shoes with clips can sometimes hinder the exact placement - once the shoe with clips is burnt in to the foot if it's not exactly right then it's back to the fire heat the shoe to reburn . Scares horses sometimes too , i just don't USE clips - don't find it necessary.
john silveira