Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mustad Talks Up the Street Sense Derby Connection in Minneapolis Daily Newspaper

From the May 15 edition of the Pioneer Press, daily newspaper of Minnesota's Twin Cities:

Begin quote:
"By the way, the aluminum horseshoes Street Sense wore during his victory were distributed through a Forest Lake firm, St. Croix Forge. Street Sense will wear the aluminum shoes Saturday in the Preakness Stakes.

'(The Kentucky Derby) is the American icon of horse racing, and anytime you have a set of American companies contributing to that, it's always very exciting from a marketing perspective,' St. Croix Forge director of marketing and sales Glen Hause said Tuesday. 'It speaks to the quality and design and the trust that the horseshoer has in our products.

'It's like a tennis-shoe company trying to get a pro athlete doing something that's well recognized.'

(end quote)