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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

St. Croix's Street Sense: Farrier Says Derby Winner Was Shod with Mustad Family Shoes

This just in from Mustad, via press release:

Veteran Horseshoer Richard McChesney shoes his second Derby winner

FOREST LAKE, Minn. – May 15, 2007 – Babe Ruth had his bat, Michael Jordan had his high-tops, and now Street Sense, winner of the 2007 Kentucky Derby, has his shoes.

For the greatest American horse race, Street Sense – and his Shoer Richard McChesney of Mt. Washington, Ky. – trusted his hooves to St. Croix Forge’s Aluminum Racing Plates and Capewell nails from Mustad Hoofcare Center, the hoofcare people.

McChesney has been shoeing horses for 39 years. He has shod two Kentucky Derby winners: 1990 Unbridled and now, 2007 Street Sense. “It’s taken me 17 years to come up with a second Kentucky Derby winning horse,” says McChesney. “But there have only been 133 Derby race winners, and I’ve done two of them, which makes me feel good.”

He switched to St. Croix Forge shoes a year and a half ago, when he decided to try St. Croix Hinds, because “the samples were a little beefier, with room for extra nails,” he says. “You can put four nails right close together, and it seems to hold better. It eliminated problems so well in back, I decided I might as well use them on the front.”

“Street Sense’s come-from-behind win in less-than-ideal conditions speaks to his championship spirit, assisted by Richard’s horseshoeing skills,” says Mustad Hoofcare Center President Carlos Xifra. “We salute them both, and are very proud that Richard trusts our products for the most celebrated American horse race, the Kentucky Derby.”

McChesney replaces shoes once a month on his horses. Street Sense will run the Preakness Stakes May 19 wearing the same St. Croix Forge shoes, secured with Capewell nails.


rather rapid said...

txs for the report. i've been watching photos. it's hard to tell, but, it looks as if a lot of horses are wearing something other than toe-grabs on the front. I'm trying to figure out what they're wearing. Surely not queens plates! if some one ever tells you this would be nice info for the blog. what brands of shoes are being used now days at the race track, and what style? You ommitted wether Street Sense was wearing grabs on the front. presuming so, since you wrote "racing plates".

Fran Jurga said...

Good point. I did not write this post, it was supplied by Mustad. I have contacted them to ask them about the model used. Thanks for your help!