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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

American Farrier's Association Executive Committee "Road Trip" to Nashville, Tennessee Deemed a Success by Officers

(via press release from the AFA) The American Farrier's Association's first effort to reach out to its members proved a worthwhile success in Music City last week. "This will prove to be a turning point for the entire AFA," said Dave Ferguson, CJF, TE. "I think our membership will now see how the process works and that we make decisions that effect all AFA members."

Ferguson went on to say, "We want our membership to have ownership in this organization and this is a great way for them to be a part of the process."

The two day event featured an executive committee meeting where the committee worked tirelessly on a strategic plan for the association. "It was amazing to see how our executive committee conducted business, debated and ultimately came together to make monumental decisions for the betterment of the association," commented Steve Davis,CF the Music City host chapter President. "Due to the Town Hall meeting, we were able to address our concerns and questions to our elected body and we all came away with a better understanding of how our leadership works. As a result, several past members re-joined the AFA on the spot!"

A total of 12 farriers turned out for the Town Hall meeting with many more stopping in after work to the forging demonstration by President Elect, Andrew Elsbree.

"This was hugely successful at opening up the dialog with the people we serve," stated Dick Fanguy, CJF, AFA Vice President. "The feedback I got back with regard to the Town Hall meeting, and the shoeing demonstration was extremely positive. This was a good place to start and we already have commitments from our chapters in California and North Carolina to host future EC meetings. We are going to hunt down members one at a time."

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