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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Farrier/Vet Running for President...of the United States

First we had a U.S. Senator (Lincoln Chafee/R-Rhode Island, now in the private sector) who had a horseshoeing career before politics.

Now we have a candidate for President of the United States who knows his way around an anvil.

One of the first academic achievements listed on Donald K. Allen's resume is that he is a graduate of Midwest Horseshoeing School in Macomb, Illinois. Allen, who now lives in Youngstown, Ohio, shod horses for nine years, and proudly says that he was licensed, presumably in Illinois. He graduated from the vet school at the University of Illinois in 1980, after having shod horses at the vet clinic while a student there.

He admits that he has been married three times, has been charged with failing to pay child support, and he once lied about his age.

It's interesting that he is also a veterinarian, but it's his experience as a hard-working farrier that he touts as his magic link to understanding the American work ethic.

Dr. Allen has big plans for the USA if he is elected. He is running as an Independent and says he will eliminate the income tax and institute a federal sales tax. He wants to finish the fence along the Mexican border and believes that English should be the national language. He's dead set against puppy mills (finally, an issue I can get behind) but thinks that being gay is ok.

He's an interesting man who is asking his supporters to each send him $1 to support his campaign. He admits he's not a millionaire and that his opponents will outspend him.

But should mega-millionaire NYC Mayor Bloomberg decide to run for the same office as an Independent (as the pundits are predicting he will, since he just quit the Republican party to become an Independent), Dr. Allen will surely gain more publicity. Given that Bloomberg's daughter Georgina is currently representing the US in show jumping in Europe, the two Indies can at least talk horses.

Note: Hoofcare and Lameness subscriber and farrier Jim House was elected to the Arkansas state legislature last year; Jackie Cillie, wife of Horseshoes Plus supplier owner Bruce Cilley serves in the New Hampshire State Senate.

Photo from Dr. Allen's web site; presumably he's doing a reverse shoe (aka "open-toed egg bar") for laminitis?

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