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Monday, August 27, 2007

Farriers and Vets Allowed to Work on "Emergency Only" Basis during Australian State's Emergency

Urgent Update for Veterinarians, Farriers, Equine Dentists and other Paraveterinarians in the State of New South Wales in Australia:

Equine Influenza is being detected at widespread locations in NSW, due to movements of horses, people or equipment before the standstill was imposed three days ago.

In view of this, all veterinarians, farriers, equine dentists and other paraveterinarians are advised to keep all visits to horse establishments to an absolute minimum, for emergencies only, and particularly to avoid sequential visits on the same day.

Only essential and emergency visits should be undertaken for the next ten days, while the true extent of the disease is established.

Hygiene and biosecurity guidelines for veterinarians and industry are posted on the NSW DPI website at and other specialist guidelines will also be placed there as they are developed.

From the office of Helen Scott-Orr, Director Health Science, Strategic Alliances & Evaluation, NSW Department of Primary Industries

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