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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Three Chimneys Farm Works to Help Slew 'o Gold Keep His Cool

Here's either the best or worst news of the day.

First, the bad news. Pensioner stallion Slew 'o Gold is suffering from Cushing's disease.

More bad news: the heat wave continues in Kentucky.

Still more bad news: Three Chimneys Farm in Kentucky, where Slew 'o Gold stood at stud (as did his father, Seattle Slew, before him) is know for its beautiful barns. Unfortunately they have an open layout and are difficult to heat or cool.

The good news: The farm has wrapped Slew's stall in plastic and installed air conditioning.

I'm happy for Slew 'o Gold, but it makes me wonder about all the other older horses in the hot zone.

Slew 'o Gold will always be remembered for breaking the taboo against running races--and winning--wearing bar shoes.

Read the complete story from Three Chimneys Farm here.

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John (AKA Not Too Swift) said...

Great post Fran, definitely the kind of content you don't find in the mainstream press !