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Friday, September 28, 2007

Barbaro on Broadway? Tongue-in-cheek Web Report Brings Chuckles and Frowns

The never-ending stream of tributes to the world's most famous deceased racehorse has a late entry: news that actor Brad Pitt plans to direct and star in a Broadway musical based on the Kentucky Derby winner's life and death, with music by Elton John.

"I want to do this for all the people whose lives have been touched by this magnificent horse," said Mr. Pitt, "for all the children who go to bed at night snug in their Barbaro pajamas; for all the teenagers with Barbaro ringtones and tattoos; and for all the middle-age women, whether they used to ride English or western, who have turned their homes into Barbaro shrines."

Waaaaiiiitttt a minute.

Test your sense of humor by a read of this blog post by racing writer Phil Maggitti.

Besides, we all know that Brad Pitt is holding out for the Scott Morrison cameo role in the movie.

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