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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Indiana Farrier Jim Keith Receives Clyde Stringer Award

Farrier Jim Keith instructs vet students about the role of farriers in equine health and medicine.

Jim Keith of Wingate, Indiana is the ninth recipient of the Clyde Stringer Award, presented by the Indian Farriers Association for service in education and teaching farriery.

When Jim was the president of the Indiana Farriers Association, he appointed a committee to set the award up. This year, he was chosen by his peers to receive the award.

“It has some significance to me even more so than somebody who didn’t have anything to do with it,” he said in an interview. “I was kind of humble and of course pleased that they were proud of me.”

Jim, who is 61, teaches educational clinics and a yearly class at Purdue University for veterinary students on shoeing horses. He has taught at universities in Romania, and is going back to Romania and Hungary with Christian Veterinary Missions in October to present farrier courses.

Jim has subscribed to Hoofcare and Lameness Journal since 1986. He's a worthy recipient of the award and we congratulate him!

Clyde Stringer is former president of the Indiana Farriers Association. He is retired from shoeing and recently had knee surgery.

The IFA also has the Al Morgan Award, named for one of the organization's foundation who died ten years ago, for volunteer service.

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