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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav New Orleans Report: Molly the Pony Evacuated, Stablemates Stuck

Molly never wanted to hear the word "hurricane" ever again. After surviving being abandoned and left to die after Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, the plucky little pony made a big comeback, only to be attacked by a pit bull so that what was left on her right front leg had to be amputated.

Molly was the first successful amputee equid at Louisiana State University's vet school and became the subject of the fastest-selling book ever perhaps in horse book history: the first printing of the children's book about her sold out completely in 30 days and had to go back to press! (and now the second printing is going quickly)

So when Gustav headed west from Cuba into the Gulf of Mexico, I said, "Oh, no! Look out, Molly!" But her dedicated caretaker, Kaye Harris, moved Molly and a companion pony, Flossie, to a safe haven where they will be well-cared for.

Not so for the other 19 retired ponies at the Kids and Ponies Foundation's retirement sanctuary/farm in St. Rose, Louisiana. A pre-planned evacuation site cancelled, forcing them to find an alternate place, which Kaye did, but then there was the problem of moving 19 ponies with a single truck and trailer.

So Miss Kaye and the 19 elderly ponies will stay put in spite of the mandatory order to evacuate all people and horses inside Interstate 10. The new house built to replace the one so badly damaged by Katrina isn't even finished yet, but the roofs of the barns have been reinforced and everyone is hoping for the best.

P.S. Molly has a foundation to help with her ongoing veterinary expenses and help the other ponies who have found a home at the Kids and Ponies farm. Visit

If you go the web site, you can see some of the 19 ponies who will be weathering the storm at the farm. Some are in their 30s, one is at least 40, and another has deformed front legs. Keep them in your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't there anyone from a big barn or a commercial shipping company who can help? Isn't there still enough time? There's got to be places in Jacksonville if they could get here.

Fran Jurga said...

Yes, someone did try to help by loaning the 18-wheeler,but it didn't work because the truck had no ramp, there was no way to get the ponies up into it.

It's already raining in St. Rose, and dark, so it looks like it's time to hunker down and be a pony.

These ponies don't have an expense account. They all, including Molly, depend on random donations from kind people.

Miss Kaye desperately needs a truck and trailer or the use of one. She had to cancel Molly's trip to be honored at the Arlington National Cemetery and Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington to meet the Iraq veterans.

Molly is very, very famous now since the book came out but it hasn't translated into much funding for her or the farm.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a heart rending story with such a great ending too. Kaye must be an incredible person to do all she does.

It's now after Gustav, so I am wondering how all the ponies and Molly did??? I hope you will post updated info. I hope all the ponies are safe and well.

I even saw this story in the Daily Mail of London! What a wonderful pony and a wonderful lady too.

I wish them all great health, happiness and funding.