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Press Release: Mustad announces six scholarship recipients

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FOREST LAKE, Minn. – (August 13, 2008) – Mustad Hoofcare Center announced today the six recipients of its scholarship essay contest for farrier students. Recipients were given a $750 scholarship to help offset the costs of their farrier education.

Participants wrote original essays on “Benefits of Keeping Horses Shod. ” Essays were judged in three categories:
1) overall best presentation;
2) most suitable for educating horse owners on hoofcare and protection; and
3) best description of the importance of shoeing, or “For the Better of the Horse.”

The recipients of the 2008 Mustad Scholarships are:
Alyssa Clermont Nakusp, British Columbia
Adam Zepf Cold Spring, Ky.
Jacob Wade Quaker City, Ohio;
David Marshall Tompkinsville, Ky.
Gordon Norris Morrison, Colo.
Charlotte Ruse Cloverdale, British Columbia

“Education is a cornerstone value in our mission as a company. Mustad is proud to be supporting the next generation of skilled farriers,” said Carlos Xifra, president of Mustad Hoofcare Center. “We believe that a strong farrier education is critical to ensure the best possible care – for the better of the horse.”

Funds for the scholarships were raised at the 2008 AFA Convention in Lexington, Ky. Mustad, together with Anvil Brand Shoe Co., hosted Farrier Appreciation Night for 400 farrier and industry guests. Mustad matched the funds raised that evening through raffle ticket sales to AFA members; GE Forge & Tool also donated $1,000 to the scholarship pool, bringing the evening’s total to $4,500.

About the scholarship winners

Alyssa Clermont currently attends the Advanced Farrier Program at Olds College in Olds, Alberta, and works as a farrier apprentice in Saskatoon. She trains horses for barrel racing and speed events, and also enjoys photography. Clermont chose the farrier profession because she is interested in equine health “and I believe you have to start from the ground up to have a healthy horse,” she said.

Adam Zepf is currently a farrier apprentice in Cincinnati, Ohio. Zepf grew up around horses and frequently found himself by the farrier’s side. After researching a career as a farrier, “the prospect of the forging and shoe building really caught my eye and interested me more,” he said.

Jacob Wade recently graduated from Kentucky Horseshoeing School. Wade has always been interested in equine hoofcare. While working for a company that trains reining horses, he was introduced to a farrier who got him interested in a career as a farrier. “My future plans are to become a Certified Journeyman Farrier and to own my own productive shoeing business,” said Wade.

David Marshall has loved horses since he was a child, but only recently had the privilege of owning one. Being a horse owner has given Marshall a new perspective on the importance of farriers and their vital role in the equine industry. David is a veteran of the Iraq War, an avid outdoorsman, NASCAR fan, golfer and a horseshoe player.

Gordon Norris currently attends Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo. He was involved in high school and college rodeos. Norris had always been interested in hoofcare and learned more about being a farrier after befriending the farrier who tended to his family’s horses. “I realized right away this was an ancient craft, a brotherhood that has bonded man and beast for centuries,” he said. Norris enjoys camping and trail riding with his young family, and is an avid outdoorsman.

Charlotte Ruse is a recent graduate of the Farrier Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Cloverdale, British Columbia. After working at a stable, she learned about all aspects of equine care – from stable maintenance to grooming to training – and fell in love with caring for horses. Ruse was particularly interested in learning more about how the farriers worked. “I want to use my knowledge to help other horse owners and anyone in this industry to give horses the best possible care,” she said. She enjoys riding her own horses and participating in dressage and English horse events.

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