Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mr. Edward Martin

Edward Martin Portrait
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Today's post is a personal one.

I thought I heard music outside the office, but it was two Scottish people having a chat. Their voices were so musical, I went outside to say hello.

The Quinns, as they introduced themselves, had set sail from Kirkcudbright in Galloway, one of the border counties of Scotland. I knew the place, I told them, because I had visited that lovely seaside village with my friend Edward Martin from Closeburn, near Thornhill in the neighboring county of Dumfries.

The Quinns, as I came to know them, were aghast, as they went to Scottish dances in the village hall in Closeburn.

And so it goes. It's a small, small world. We spent some time telling Scotland stories and Edward Martin stories, and Mr. Quinn of course recited some Robert Burns poetry for me. I was charmed.

Then they got into their dinghy, rowed out to their sailboat, and sailed away to make the tide through the Cape Cod Canal. I felt like I had been visited by Scottish pixies or something.

And today, it turns out, is Edward Martin's birthday. The godfather of the modern international farrier scene turns 83 today.

Edward is a victim of Parkinson's disease, but very alive in our thoughts, and still bringing people together, even if he has hung up his tattered passport.

Wherever you are, give a thought for the grand farrier from Closeburn. And maybe a wee dram for a toast.

We miss you, Edward.

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