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Friday, August 07, 2009

Zenyatta in Hind Hoof Drive

Embrace the Power of Zenyatta, originally uploaded by alydar_1978.

For people who just can't seem to understand why horses need different shoes on their hind feet than on their front feet, here's your answer.

Charles Pravata shot this most amazing anatomical study of the hind quarters and limbs of the great race mare Zenyatta springing from the starting gate at Del Mar last month in the Vanity. She was carrying a whopping 129 pounds. (Needless to say, she still won.)

The track surface at Del Mar is Polytrack; Zenyatta is a real California girl and prefers Designer Dirt over Real Dirt.

Thanks to Charles Pravata for probably risking his life to take this photo and to Raceday360 for bringing it to my attention and to Zenyatta for being Zenyatta. She has nice feet, too.


Amateurcapper said...

Although I don't often comment, I really like your posts.

Let me pick your QUALITY ROAD, biomechanically speaking, do you think that stumble at the start of the Amsterdam did him any harm?

Fran Jurga said...

Hi, well, I dunno about biomechanically...Todd Pletcher said he came out of the race ok, so I guess I believe that. And he stumbled and still broke the track record, so that is pretty amazing. I love that horse...and his potential.

The stumble could have caused some scrapes and bruises; I think we would have heard if there were more serious injuries.

There are also psychological ramifications of stumbling, or he may have stumbled because he was distracted in the gate. I am sure the Pletcher crew will be analyzing those factors and make sure that he is not reticent to go into the gate next time. He seems like such a smart horse.

Maybe Mr Pletcher could pin up this picture of Zenyatta in Quality Road's stall and he could study it between now and the Travers.

Thanks for your comment!