Saturday, August 07, 2010

Smiddy Stane: What Is this?

Smiddy Stane, originally uploaded by airth_man.

Do you know what this thing is? The Hoof Blog will be telling you, but I just thought I'd post this photo and see if anyone already knew. Or wanted to guess.


Unknown said...

Why a stone like that would be placed outside a blacksmith shop to tie horses to when they were waiting to be shod. I know this cause my moms best friend was a farrier and I drive so I tie my horses, you know about all sorts of old tying methods.
I do believe in Scotland they used to toss them in tests of strength.

Anonymous said...

....remember seeing pictures of: "in the old days" .... "horse and buggy doctors" .... made house calls ...upon getting out of buggy, the doc would drop this heavy block (cement ?) in front of carriage horse and snap a tie line into it .... suppose any carriage horse could be tethered that way (if broke to do so).
Kim Kobow / Salinas, California

Gail said...

I think it is an antique horse tether as were often found in front of residences instead of the usual hitching post.
Gail Meyer
Ocala, Florida

Robin said...

Pass. it's not some weird kind of ground tie thingie is it??

I looks like something a bulky athlete might throw around!!