Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year from the Hoof Blog!

Just a note, as they say, to wish everyone a happy, healthy and harmonious new year with many new adventures, accomplishments and alliances. The only way I can get my own attention is to attach sticky notes to the screens of my computers, so I'm speaking to you in official Hoofcare office language. 

Thank you all very much for all your kindness, friendship and support in what turned out to be a difficult 2011. 

What you're doing for and with horses will always amaze and inspire me enough to keep sticky notes on my computer screens, refrigerator door, car windshield and bathroom mirror forever. 

I'm sticking with you in 2012 and wishing you the very best that life can bring. Thanks for reading, thanks for being out there, thanks for moving forward and (most of all) thanks for letting me tag along.