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Scott Lampert Product Test: Regen-X Hoof Wall Treatment Results Measured


Hoof Wall Regeneration Study by Farrier Scott Lampert

Introduction: If you spend any time on the show circuit in the United States, you know the equine-specialist Perfect Products company and the reputation of its line of show-oriented horsecare products.

This spring, Perfect Products joined the hoofcare industry when it introduced Regen-X, a hoof wall improvement product. More than a cosmetic hoof dressing, and different from a growth enhancement product, Regen-X is uniquely promoted to improve the health and quality of the hoof wall--from the inside out.

The product's marketing literature states that Regen-X re-invigorates the keratinization process within the hoof wall and re-balances the hoof wall’s susceptibility to excess or inadequate moisture content.

Minnesota farrier Scott Lampert
The company turned to Lake Elmo, Minnesota farrier Scott Lampert to evaluate their new product. Scott was familiar with the company’s products from his presence at horse shows and agreed to try it on several horses, one of whom was carefully documented.

Hoofcare Publishing welcomes Regen-X to its growing family of supporting companies and sponsors and commends them for documenting the use of their new product by a professional farrier.

Here's Scott’s description of his test of the product:

On May 22, 2012, we began testing Perfect Products’ Regen-x EQ hoof product on four horses as described on the bottle.

Test protocol

The test protocol consisted of picking two of the worst-condition feet on each horse and treating just one of those for one shoeing cycle. The intent was to evaluate claims that this product would improve the quality of nailable horn and hoof condition.The test was set up so that it would allow us to compare any measurable change to the same feet, as well as any differences to the pair of feet.

At the beginning of the testing period and throughout it, all horses were sound and their caregivers maintained the exact lifestyle, nutritional program, and care as they had been receiving before the product test began. No variables changed except for the addition of this product.

We found that all four horses responded consistently to this test.

The photos illustrate findings that we found consistent to all four horses. One horse, Scooter, was selected to have his hooves photographed for the purposes of this statement.

About the test horse

Scooter is a large show pony with normal weight and workload. At the time of our test, Scooter had a consistent wall thickness of 5.48 mm measured at three points on the circumference of his toe. His walls were graded as a 2 out of 5, in which 5 would be considered in optimal health. As you can see, his hoof walls are thin, weak, and shelly.

1. (Before)  Show pony Scooter’s left hind foot after routine trimming on May 22, 2012.

2. (Before) Software-processed image of Scooter’s left hind foot on May 22,2012 measured out the hoof wall thickness at three points to a distance of 5.48 mm thickness.

3. (After) Show pony Scooter’s left hind foot following 33 days of Regen-X hoof treatment; the product was diligently applied according to the manufacturer’s directions. (Note: black areas are nail hole oxidation stains.)  Scotter’s hoof walls are now graded as a 3 out of 5. The walls were much healthier.

4. (After) Software-processed image of Scooter’s left hind foot on June 25,2012 measured out the hoof wall thickness at three points to a distance of 9.55 (lateral), 8.14 (toe) and 8.35 (medial) millimeters thickness.
5. (After) Comparison of treated (left hind, on left) and untreated (right hind, on right, before trimming) hooves on the same horse. Without a doubt, the quality of the left foot is superior to the one on the right.

Regen-X is applied as a simple coating to the hoof. It is supplied in a resealable container with an applicator and is available at tack shops across the USA. Hoofcare and veterinary supply stores are also invited to contact Perfect Products for dealer information.

Contact information for Regen-X: Website:; Online ordering:; Telephone: 877-324-8002 ; Email:

All photos in this article courtesy of Scott Lampert and/or Perfect Products except photo of Scott Lampert, © Hoofcare Publishing.

This article was sponsored and paid for by the manufacturer of the product. Hoofcare Publishing thanks Scott Lampert for his assistance and Perfect Products for their support. 

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