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British Equine Veterinary Association Announces Foot and Farriery Topics, Speakers at 2014 BEVA Congress

British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA)

The 2014 "BEVA Congress" or annual convention of the British Equine Veterinary Association, has announced the addition of a full day program on farriery and foot lameness for Saturday, September 13. The Congress will be held at the ICC in Birmingham, England, where five separate scientific programs will run concurrently in five lecture halls over the three days of congress,.

Given the task of organizing the day's program, Professor Renate Weller of the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) explained that she began by brainstorming with friends in the farriery and veterinary worlds about what (and whom) they would like to hear. Her aim is to provide a platform to bring farriers, vets and scientists together. The result is a mix of people with different backgrounds bringing different knowledge and experience to the session.

She also wanted entertaining speakers--of international standing--who would be happy to voice their opinion, thereby offering a lively discussion.

Professor Weller and friend
Professor Renate Weller of the Royal Veterinary College has organized the farriery day at the 2014 BEVA Congress. She believes that farriery, medicine and science can--and must--work together to move the study of the horse's foot into the future. To that end, she will speak on the "Evidence-Based Farriery".

Professor Weller says: "It will be a great day, demonstrating to the delegates how different people deal with the foot problems we all encounter, highlighing the importance of collaboration between vets and farriers and, of course, the scientist in me hopes that it will spark lots of ideas that will push this field forward and generate the scientific evidence we lack at the moment."

Stephen May, Chris Pardoe, and Alan Wilson

Professor Stephen May, Vice Principal of the RVC, will open the day with a presentation on the farrier-vet relationship. Chris Pardoe, researcher in comparative biomedical sciences at the RVC, will look at veterinary education for farriers and farriery education for vets and Renate Weller, Professor in comparative imaging and biomechanics, RVC, will investigate evidence-based farriery.

Alan Wilson, Professor of locomotor biomechanics based in the RVC’s Structure & Motion Laboratory, will examine the biomechanics of the foot to find out why horses go lame and Meike van Heel, a movement scientist at Netherland’s-based Mustad Hoofcare, will follow with the effects of farriery on locomotion.

Session 1: Foot and Farriery 

(Stephen May)

09.00 The farrier-vet relationship
Stephen May

09.10 Veterinary education for farriers and farriery education for vets: where are we?
Chris Pardoe

09.20 Evidence-based farriery
Renate Weller

09.30 Biomechanics of the foot: Why do they go lame?
Alan Wilson

09.55 Effects of farriery on locomotion
Meike van Heel

10.20 Discussion

Meike van Heel, Simon Curtis and Michael Schramme

The second session will cover podiatry flexural deformities in foals and youngstock (Simon Curtis, practicing Newmarket farrier), What imaging can do for farriery (Michael Schramme, Professor in equine surgery at the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Lyon in France), dealing with the conformationally-challenged TB (Jim Ferrie, a consultant farrier, based in Scotland) and the conformationally-challenged performance horse (Rob Renirie, a Dutch-based Master Farrier).

Session 2: Foot and Farriery 

(Chris Pardoe)

11.00 Podiatry flexural deformities in foals and young stock
Simon Curtis

11.20 What can imaging do for farriery? 
Michael Schramme

11.45 Dealing with the conformationally challenged Thoroughbred 
Jim Ferrie

12.10 Conformationally challenged performance horses
Rob Renirie

12.35 Discussion

Jim Ferrie, Rob Renirie, Tom Witte

The afternoon’s papers will cover how to deal with hoof capsule defects (Chris Pardoe, a working farrier with over 40 years’ experience), the interface between vets and farriers in managing laminitis (James Belknap, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Ohio State University) and farrier and vet perspectives on how to keep the horse with chronic foot pain going (Haydn Price, lead farrier for World Class & Performance Dressage and Showjumping Team and Sue Dyson, Head of Clinical Orthopaedics at the Centre for Equine Studies at the Animal Health Trust).

Session 3: Foot and Farriery 

(Tom Witte)

13.45 How to deal with hoof capsule defects, including cracks 
Chris Pardoe

14.10 Where is the interface between vets and farriers in managing laminitics? 
James Belknap

14.35 How to keep the horse with chronic foot pain going - a farrier’s perspective 
Haydn Price

15.00 How to keep the horse with chronic foot pain going - a vet’s perspective 
Sue Dyson

15.25 Discussion

James Belknap, Sue Dyson, Haydn Price

The day will close with a lameness discussion panel, giving delegates the chance to put their questions to the speakers.

Session 4: Farriery and Vet Lameness Panel 
(Renate Weller)

16.05 James Belknap • Simon Curtis • Sue Dyson • Jim Ferrie • Haydn Price • Michael Schramme

The BEVA Congress also has a large trade exhibition that includes a number of farrier companies. Thursday will be a full day program for equine physiotherapists (see separate announcement to follow).

This video is an introduction to the event, with a strong emphasis on the trade show and cameo appearances from the USA's Erin Baayen of Blacksmith Buddy/Champagne Horseshoeing Company and, at the very end, the University of Zurich's Isabel Imboden of e-hoof.com; both companies are recent Hoof Blog advertisers.

The full program is posted online for downloading at:

Reduced registration for farriers and physiotherapists: As a charity, BEVA provides Congress registration at a competitive price and offers additional discounts to its members. Day tickets can be purchased if required. Farriers and animal physiotherapists are eligible for BEVA Ordinary Members’ rates. Apprentice farriers are eligible for the BEVA Concessionary Members’ rates.

Speaker bios and lecture descriptions provided by BEVA.

Those registering before 5th August will receive significantly reduced booking fees.

Download the free BEVA Congress App for easy viewing of the full scientific program. search for Eventflo in the Apple or Android store and choose BEVA Congress 2014.

Online registration is available at http://www.beva.org.uk or by calling (44) 01638 723555.

Thanks to Professor Weller, Carl Bettison, Stromsholm suppliers, Gill Harris of Forge Magazine, and BEVA for providing the text.

A note about the photos: Most are Hoofcare & Lameness file images but Stephen May, Alan Wildon, Chris Pardoe and Michael Schramme are from their university websites. James Belknap is courtesy of Dick Booth and Boca Publishing; Haydn Price speaking at the 2014 National Equine Forum is with special thanks to Craig Payne Photography. Thanks to Tom Witte for providing his. Renate Weller and Fritz, her donkey, courtesy of Professor Weller. All photos protected by copyright.
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